EcoWater Countertop Enhance System (CES) For China Market

Trilogy is an excellent approach to interpret and reduce the entire system to its core components, which was implemented to develop an exclusive water purifier for the China market. This project was commissioned by EcoWater LLC. The water purifier features the water filtration column, a hot water tank plus a re-engineered pump system for dispensing water. Experts adopted 3 key cylindrical shapes with this trilogy idea, with each cylindrical shape performing individual functions. While the center and the right cylindrical volume were integrated together as the main structure of the design, the water filtration system was integrated as an obliterable left cylindrical cap to ease changing and cleaning. All the 3 cylinders were tilted forward to facilitate the pouring pitcher idea. The CES connected right away to the kitchen tap is said to be compact in its category, giving out high-quality H2O for your Chinese tea.

Designer : NextOfKin Creatives

EcoWater CES Countertop Enhance System

EcoWater CES Countertop Enhance System

EcoWater CES Countertop Enhance System

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2 thoughts on “EcoWater Countertop Enhance System (CES) For China Market

  1. That would be a very welcome addition to any countertop. I’d just have to make sure its color doesn’t clash with the counter itself.

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