Dupli Casa Villa with Awesome Surroundings

Those who are looking for ultimate luxury gateway can hook up with this unique masterpiece. This delightful villa was completed in 2006-07 and surely going to offer you serenity atmosphere and wide range of luxurious accommodation. The footprint of this house was originally built on the site in 1984. The surroundings are awesome and gracefully extended into luxury swimming pool. You are going to come across lush interiors with mind blowing furniture pieces in this clean and spacious villa. Travelers would be delighted to stay in this extraordinary dream villa.

dupli casa villa

dupli casa villa

dupli casa villa

dupli casa villa

dupli casa villa

Designer : Jürgen Mayer H.

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9 thoughts on “Dupli Casa Villa with Awesome Surroundings

  1. hi! Do you have more information about this house? for example: it's plans and other view of this house?? I will be happy if you help me 🙂 my email:

    lili_welenty [at] yahoo dot com (— edited by admin to avoid spam —)

  2. guys please send mo the blue print or the sketch of the house please

    i want mo home to be like this gorgeous please T_T

  3. hello there, such a great design!
    could someone send me the plan for it please? I am an architectural engineering student in uni. and I'd like to do it as my final project.
    Thank you!

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