Droplet Electric Lawnmower for Small Lawn

The new land mowing machine named Droplet is an electric mulching lawnmower. It is designed to address the issue of smaller lawn and storage spaces which is getting common in Australian homes. The device incorporates a unique mechanism alongside an unconventional wheel design, which results in new interpretation to what normally is a dull machine. The device is electric, and thus it increases user independence and hence eliminates the user to have technical knowledge and the device needs regular maintenance. The task of handling grass clippings is avoided as the device uses mulching technology and it also promotes betterment of lawn health.

droplet electric lawnmower

droplet electric lawnmower

droplet electric lawnmower

droplet electric lawnmower

Designer : Ashley Marsh-Croft

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6 thoughts on “Droplet Electric Lawnmower for Small Lawn

  1. Wondering the same as the others, where can u buy this item and how much are u charging? I also have designed a small lawnmower and am hoping to market it here in america.

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