Droneairports : A Conceptual Airport Capsule for Drones

Dronairport is the first concept in the world of infrastructure for drones. The Pylons Dronairports allow drones to make technical stops to increase their range by landing in the capsules of wireless charging that work as heliports and hangars for Drones. The openings and closings of the capsules, the phases of takeoff and landing, are handled by an automated system GPRS assisted by transponder sensors.

The pylons Dronairports are present in all countries, networked in a virtual map, allowing pilots of the drones to organize their flight plans. Pilots can choose and book on virtual map, the capsules (available seats of the heliport / hangar) useful for capacity and the range of Drone for the flight in stages, from the infinite mileage, followed by the GPRS system.

Designers : Joe Sardo and Federico Bruni

Droneairports by Joe Sardo and Federico Bruni

Droneairports by Joe Sardo and Federico Bruni

The network of Dronairports is also composed of another innovative model that has a heliport with elevator, useful for private homes, industries, (including skyscrapers). This unique capsule shaped airport creates the first infrastructure network for the transport and delivery of goods which is always managed by a system GPRS assisted by the transponder. The designers of the Droneairports predict that over coming years, the architectural project design of every single private home, commercial and industrial center, will integrate the innovative Droneairports model that resembles a lift.

Droneairports by Joe Sardo and Federico Bruni

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