Drone Air Conditioner Flies Around The Room Blowing Hot/Cold Air and Spreading Some Scents

Drone AC is a concept project designed for the future. We know that different people tolerance different temperature, because even when bodies are the same size, the amount of body fat might vary and this affects how hot or cold one feels in comparison to others. It’s impossible to achieve an ideal temperature that would satisfy everyone in the room, hence this concept drone was invented.

Can you imagine in the future that we might have little drones that recognize and understand your ideal temperature?.

Drone Air Conditioner by Miray Özlem ER

Designed by Miray Özlem ER, Drone AC concept is equipped with thermal cameras that would scan your body. It flies around in the room, it helps to create comfortable environment for each person by blowing hot or cold air, perhaps also spreading some nice scents. The drone unit works with impeller system, it has four flywheel for lift-off. It automatically moves and turns according to user’s position, this special feature has made Drone AC an effective device to keep each person in the room feels comfortable. When the battery is low, this drone is able to fly back to its wall-mounted station to recharge.

Drone Air Conditioner by Miray Özlem ER

Drone Air Conditioner by Miray Özlem ER

More details of Drone Air Conditioner Concept:
Drone Air Conditioner by Miray Özlem ERDrone Air Conditioner by Miray Özlem ER

Drone Air Conditioner by Miray Özlem ER

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