Dji Spark Mini Drone Can Be Controlled with Hand Gestures

Can’t afford super expensive drone? Well, good news, DJI just has released its latest product, DJI Spark Mini Drone. It’s a mini drone yet it features all of DJI’s signature hi-tech technologies, you can seize the moment whenever you feel inspired. This smart device recognizes your face, thanks to FaceAware, this drone lifts off from your hand by recognizing your face, it hovers in place within seconds of powering on.

Put the remote controller down or your mobile device, Spark can be controlled using hand gestures, making you feel a bit like a Magneto. Don’t underestimate its size, this drone also comes with intelligent flight control options, a 2-axis mechanical gimbal, ultra smooth technology, and a camera with powerful lens. All images captured would be sharp and vivid with very little color distortion. The camera features 12MP, an f/2.6 wide-angle lens with a 25mm equivalent focal length. [Buy It Here]

Dji Spark Mini Drone

Dji Spark Mini Drone

With its aerodynamic, lightweight, and compact design, Dji Spark Mini Drone fly through air with minimal wind resistance. The camera and gimbal are one with the aircraft to increase stability, thanks to powerful propulsion, this drone can have steady flight even in strong winds up to 31mph in Sport Mode. Since it is equipped with advanced flight control system, you can enjoy fun and intuitive drone flying. The companion DJI Go 4 app allows you to edit your photos with array of filters, then share them right away to your social media. You can also purchase it directly from DJI for better availability. [Buy It Here]

Dji Spark Mini Drone

More images of Dji Spark Mini Drone:
Dji Spark Mini DroneDji Spark Mini DroneDji Spark Mini DroneDji Spark Mini DroneDji Spark Mini DroneDji Spark Mini Drone

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