DIY Bluetooth, FM Radio Kit with Impressive Reception and Sound Quality for a Small Radio

Made in Taiwan, you can build your own Bluetooth FM Radio. This kit is a DIY project where you don’t need any electrical-engineering degree. It has everything you need to start building your FM radio, you can easily assemble it by following the instructions. Each kit includes FM tuner, aux cables, ports for USB, and Bluetooth connectivity, it’s pretty straightforward, you can put all the components with zero problems.

It can take about one hour or less, depending on your crafty skill, some of them need more time waiting for the glue to dry. This DIY FM Radio Kit would be a cool gift for any music lovers, the reception signal is quiet strong with impressive sound quality for a small radio. It’s a nice radio kit for DIY-ers or just anyone who would love to keep their hands busy. [Buy It Here]

Build Your Own Bluetooth and FM Radio

Build Your Own Bluetooth and FM Radio

Build Your Own Bluetooth and FM Radio

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