Devil Bike Concept Motorcycle with V-Twin Engine

The “Devil Bike” concept bike is offering all the features along with visor that may require to call a bike with that name. Using v-twin engine, this metallic black bike definitely fits the personality of the young generation with a passion for speed and style. The design is unique from both the front and rear view. Unlike any other conventional bike, this bike comprises a top mounted petrol tank, while a lower and uncommon seating arrangement. When it comes about lightening, this bike has only two of them, the headlight in the front, and a small break-light at the back end, which has made the design even simpler.

devil bike

devil bike

devil bike

devil bike

Designer : Robert Liddell

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5 thoughts on “Devil Bike Concept Motorcycle with V-Twin Engine

  1. Another case where the designer has failed to understand the object they are "redesigning". I wouldn't normally pick on this but with closeups of the engine shown it's clearly part of the design vision. So, FYI those thin extrusions you see on all air cooled engines are there to increase surface area and therefore increase the cooling effect.

    You can't know where your going if you don't know where you were or even where you are.

  2. I think its a great bike. And I build 'em. You can pick something like this apart all day but it is a great example of a bare bones bike.It looks like a V-Twin minibike!


  3. Um… this looks like a child's drawing of a bike. The springs are way too skinny to be functional, the tires float above the ground in the renders, etc, etc, etc. Kids do this sort of sketch daily with cheap 3D software… this isn't design, sorry. Not yet at, least. Is this a twelve-year-old? If so, I'll give him/her some credit and hope they get some design training, and some knowledge about how motorcycles actually work. If this is from an adult, I hope they are not trying to make their living in design. Or motorcycles.

  4. you guys just go through this place to be critics of people design who do this for fun. I'm willing to bet you have never made anything that looks better than this "child drawing"

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