Design Your Car with MOY

MOY is a concept, developed by Elvis Tomljenovic, aimed for those people who love to use latest technology as a way to communicate with others and express themselves. This concept will allow you to design your car on your PC and then affect the design to your vehicle via wireless data transfer. Additionally, you can share this design with others through websites, emails or forums. This doesn’t mean that you need to be a design guru since downloadable and ready made designs will be included with this concept. Since MOY can visualize both static pictures and videos, it would be an effective medium of promotion.

moy car concept

moy car concept

moy car concept

moy car concept

Designer : Elvis Tomljenovic via DesignEast

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3 thoughts on “Design Your Car with MOY

  1. This would definitly blow my mind! Love the idea and hope I can see it soon… though I know I won't see it for a long long time^^

  2. 2 bad we cant create designs, then send them email to GM, Ford etc to Build.

    Yes FlexManufacturing, Custom Creative Manufacturing from Online estd Dbase for supplies etc.

    Major Job source alone.

    Link to ALL auto makers worldwide & design shops & engine markers.

    Huge demand for.

    Hello GM, Ford, wake up.

    This is the FUTURE for Consumer Auto Production

    NO more static dull GM shapes.

    Link to ALL design shops for bodies, styles & interiors.

    Engines can be: Electric, Hybrid, Biofuel, std fuel, flexfuel.


    Done online, laptop, PC.

    • You don't think, that the years spent designing cars, and the millions invested in the designs, is perhaps there for a reason??? You're idea isn't the future. You have wind tunnel testing. Engine testing. Safety testing. Etc etc etc. Cars will not be made by consumers on a computer and sent to GM. Consumers can modify their cars how they see fit, once they get them, but if you were capable of designing and building a car, you'd either already be working for someone doing that, or have your own company.

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