Delicious Wave : A Microwave and A Lamp in One

Nowadays, more and more people are inclined towards using home appliances that consume less space and serves its due purpose as well. The use of microwave oven is highly appreciated until date, except for that fact that it takes a lot of space. To cater such needs, designers of Delicious Wave have come up with a new concept called, the babsang bo, a traditional Korean cloth that functions as a microwave and a lamp as well. The designers were enthused by a customary aspect of Korean society – the way mothers would prepare breakfast and cover those dishes with a babsang bo to keep the dishes warm for their children. The Delicious Wave doubles as a lantern, and can be pulled down to cover and heat the food. Designers chose the rounded shape over the traditional square shape for this microwave primarily because the round shape can readily lend a feeling of comfort.

Designers : Lee Kyu-Hyun and Jo Hae-Won

Delicious Wave

Delicious Wave

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