DECK Wireless Speaker by Sol Republic

Sol Republic and Motorola has teamed up to create DECK Wireless Speaker which offers you 360-degree full sound with super power wireless range and Heist mode. It allows you and your friends (up to 5 people) to pair at the same time and take turns to control the music. Small in size but big in sound, most portable speakers produce small sound but thanks to R2 Sound Engines and a bass port, this device delivers powerful and much bigger sound than you expect. Listen to your music at every angle, it delivers the same great quality from anywhere in the room.

Share your latest music with friends, since up to 5 people can pair at once, they can take turn controlling the music, music becomes more social. This Heist Mode is pretty effective to stop your friends from playing bad music.

Designer : Sol Republic

Deck Wireless Speaker by Sol Republic

Deck Wireless Speaker by Sol Republic

When you play the music outdoor, simply switch to outdoor mode to boost the sound, you can hear the music further away. You can also choose to connect DECK Wireless Speaker to your sound system, such as your smartphones, music player, car stereo, and many more. It comes with stylish transparent fabric, you can listen to the speaker while protect it.

Deck Wireless Speaker by Sol Republic

Deck Wireless Speaker by Sol Republic

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