Cyclean : Autoclean Handle for Bus and Train

Those handles on public trains or buses are contaminated with germs, from Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, to E.Coli. By touching these handles, you are exposed to millions of germs and bacteria where various forms of them can cause illnesses. Based on this problem, these industrial designers have come up with Cyclean. Cyclean is a redesigned bus/train handle that prevents germs or bacteria with its internal cleaning system.

It works like a conveyor belt system, the handle strap can be rotated through a small plastic chamber that contains rough sponge. This rough sponge acts as disinfecting agents and rollers. So, before you hang on, make sure you pull one end of the strap loop to feed it back into Cyclean chamber for cleaning. The strap emerges from the chamber is clean and ready to use. The maintenance team can pop open the side of Cyclean to replace the sponge and refill the disinfectant. It reminds you of towel dispenser, doesn’t it?

Designers : Li Jiyang, Liu Tao, Qiu Zhen, Zeng Jiayu, and Zhou Shen

Cyclean : Autoclean Handle for Bus or Train

Cyclean : Autoclean Handle for Bus or Train

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