Cute Collapse Lamp Design Was Inspired by Toy Figurines

Collapse Lamp, it’s a concept lamp with unique mechanism inspired by toy figurines. It falls over when it’s turned off, pull the cord again to turn it on. It has a cord that is slotted through a loose wooden components, it helps to make the base standing upright due to tension. Once user releases the cord, the weight of that protective foam shade would make the lamp topple over. It’s cute, isn’t it?

Collapse Lamp by Hayo Gebauer

Designed by Hayo Gebauer, Collapse Lamp targets kids as its consumers. It’s playful and fun, it teaches children about the concept of electricity as well. Electric contacts touch when that base stands up straight due to tension from the cord, therefore, it gets the light up.

Collapse Lamp by Hayo Gebauer

Collapse Lamp by Hayo Gebauer

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