Crua Hybrid Travel Tent Allows You to Sleep Anywhere Without Worry

Crua Hybrid Travel Tent has been designed with built-in insulated air mattress, dual connectability, and detachable sleeping bag. This smart design makes this product a hybrid tent that won’t limit your outdoor adventures by your surroundings. Don’t worry when you can’t find a flat surface to setup your tent or can’t find two trees to hang your hammock in between, Crua Hybrid Travel Tent will offer solution to every situation.

This tent features hydrophobic Rip-stop Nylon that coats the tent, giving user protection from the penetration of water. The interior is completed with a bug proof mesh, keeping out any unwanted intruders. The poles are made from lightweight, durable aircraft grade aluminum, they are also equipped with a shock chord system. You can easily link up with other Hybrid tents, in fact, you can create your own little tent city when needed.

From : Crua Outdoors

Crua Hybrid Travel Tent by Crua Outdoors

Crua Hybrid Travel Tent by Crua Outdoors

When in hammock mode, this tent can hold a total weight of 285lbs. The two ventilation outlets prevent condensation forming inside the tent. Crua Hybrid Travel Tent has everything you need for a comfortable sleep under the stars.

Crua Hybrid Travel Tent by Crua Outdoors

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