Crescendo Flash Light is Specially Designed for Police or EMT

Crescendo is a flashlight specially designed for Public Services Members such as police or EMT. The ergonomic shape of this flashlight fits every hand sizes with the cut away grip that enables to hold the light securely. On the tail cap, there are two power switches enables two light modes, steady on and blink. On the barrel, there are 3 way color light controller, red for sneaky night vision, green for urgent activities such as color recognition and ultra bright white for general use. Branding is included into the body both the logo and name which is the full form of the grip as well.

crescendo flash light

More information about crescendo from Jessica:
This is a flashlight designed for those in public service. (police / emt’s) I spent a great deal of time researching the environment which this would be used along with the individuals it is designed for.

The flared head elegantly opens the lens for an elliptical beam of light. This profile is easily removed and placed into the holster without being snagged or stuck on the form. The elliptical pattern of the light matches human peripheral vision. By utilizing this shape, the user can be more aware of their surroundings with a smaller light. It takes full advantage of the natural night vision of the user and enhances it.

The flashlight has 2 power switches. One on the tailcap- and a 3-way on the barrel. The 3-way switch is used to select the light mode- Green, Red and super bright white. The green light is very useful in chaotic / emergency situations such as a car accident. The green light prevents night blindness while still permitting the user to identify colors which can be extremely important ( blood vs oil). The red light is less visible to others and used for a low profile stealth situation. The red light- and elliptical beam simply enhances the users natural night vision to give them more feedback on their surroundings and more control. The super bright white light is for common use of the flashlight- as well as situation control by creating night blindness for a person that may be a threat.

crescendo flash light

The 3-way power switch allows for immediate selection of the color mode without cycling. The switch on the tailcap controls the white light as a constant-on (press to click) or a ‘blink’ on for quick flashes controlled by the user.

The rubber grips are very important. They 1 keep the users hand off the metal which could be cold especially in the winter. The grip has a cut-away shape filled with thin strips. This shape makes less cumbersome for female users with smaller hands to have complete control of the tool. Also- at the end of the cut-away, there is a tapered lip. This lip provides a great security during the ‘cigar hold’ by providing the user a stop.

Due to the nature of limited advertising to these groups, the logo and name are permanently molded on the flashlight itself through the grip features. This creates a strong brand identity. The rubber is also receded from the very tip of the lens area, revealing more metal. This is so it may still be used as a weapon in emergencies, causing enough damage- or creating enough time so the user (police) can access a better more sophisticated weapon for the situation.

Designer : Jessica LoVerso

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