CRAB Urban Vehicle by Andrea Filogonio

What ‘s “Crab”? It’s the personal concept of an artistic-technologic urban vehicle designed by Andrea Filogonio for the chaotic megapolis of tomorrow. Crab’s design melts Art Noveau-inspired shapes to a real crab concept : Art Noveau for its elegance and sense of surfaces while a living crab for the freedom to move everywhere and in any direction. Moreover, its shell is very hard and protective.

Designer : Andrea Filogonio

CRAB Urban Vehicle by Andrea Filogonio

CRAB Urban Vehicle by Andrea Filogonio

Now, leap forward and apply all that we’ve just said to the megalopolis of tomorrow: very busy, but with environmental awareness, luxury accustomed, socially involved and technologically advanced. “Crab” is elegant, shiny, customizable, comfortable, and safe. A small car for all the people with three wheels drive. The cabin is suspended and cushioned by an electrical field generated in the two chassis arms. So it’s floating and not linked to the chassis, giving a soft response for better comfort. When the car is parked it’s strongly attached to the chassis.

Each wheel has its electrical engine, linked externally to the suspension, so that every engine is at the same time: engine, suspension, brake, steering. All driven by wire. The large back sphere is the main steering device when the car is moving. In the parking-mode, the little spheres on the two front wheels allow you to move perpendicularly to the road.

When needed, the same system allows you to run light off-road increasing car height, to go to the beach, for example, using 3 wheels drive. You can adjust your car height and suspension stiffness, to increase its performance. “Crab” is very small, and we know the importance of space in the city. Besides, you can decide who’s the driver without swapping your seat. The steering cloche, when the car is not moving, can shift from the left to the right.

CRAB Urban Vehicle by Andrea Filogonio

CRAB Urban Vehicle by Andrea Filogonio

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“Crab”: Copyright (c) afsmartdesign 2011. Any reproduction or use of this design project, images, logos or part of them is not allowed without Andrea Filogonio’s written permission.

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  1. wow looks so cool ,i mean it looks better than some smart car.indeed the look is unique but you never know what its made of cant judge if you havent drove one.

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