Cool Solar Eclipse Watch Features Black and White Animation as Its Face

Clock is human creation, back then, we only use the Moon and the Sun to tell time. Nowadays, it’s almost hard to find someone who relies on the shadows cast by bodies to tell time. Back then, these people would have felt pretty annoyed when an eclipse occurred, the era before water clocks or hourglasses, it’s probably a common thing to hear an excuse such as “sorry, I forget the time because a dragon ate it” (in ancient China, a celestial dragon was thought to lunch on the Sun, causing a solar eclipse).

Solar Eclipse Watch is a beautiful timepiece that wants to bring you back to tell time using the Sun and the Moon. Featuring black and white animation as its face, this watch displays an eclipse corona and cycles brighter twice an hour. Housed in a stainless steel case, this watch is designed with glow-in-the-dark indicators on hands. [Buy It Here]

Solar Eclipse Watch

Solar Eclipse Watch

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