Cool Head Helmet Design Was Inspired by Coleoptera Xerophile Beetle

Cool Head Helmet has been designed to be used by soldiers when their mission takes them in hot deserts of the Middle East. Just like its name suggests, this helmet keeps its user’s head cool. The basic idea behind this helmet design was taken from the system of Coleoptera Xerophile, a beetle that lives in the desert where its shell can absorb humidity from the air and transform it into water to help fight the extreme heat temperature and to drink.

The same mechanism is applied to this Cool Head Helmet design. There’s a small space inside the helmet that keeps the water from this condensation process, in this way the user’s head stays cool all the time. There’s also a small pipe that can be used when the user wants to drink some water in case of emergency. When a soldier battles under the sun, he can retract UV protected lens from this helmet for better vision.

Designer : Andrés Salazar Ruiz Velasco

Cool Head Helmet by Andres Salazar

Cool Head Helmet by Andres Salazar

Cool Head Helmet by Andres Salazar

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