Convenient Cotton : A Cotton Bud and Liquid Disinfectant In One

Usually we use a cotton bud and liquid disinfectant to sterilize a wound, this concept Convenient Cotton combines disinfectant and cotton bud in one. The idea based on the problem where we have to carry disinfectant bottles and cotton buds on the other hand to perform first aid, this can be too cumbersome. Another issue related to liquid disinfectant use is that it can be difficult to control the quantity of the liquid drawn from container, thus causing wastage of disinfectant.

Convenient Cotton offers a solution to those problems. This concept combines a cotton bud and disinfectant using a hollow plastic tube. Just in case only one end is used, the tube can be broken in two at its middle point, very practical isn’t it? There’s no reason to throw away a cotton bud when only one side is used. Each half length of tube contains enough amount of liquid disinfectant to treat small wound, simply pinching the tube to release the disinfectant to the cotton bud.

Designers : Yuan Xinwei, Ruan Chengzhu, Chen Chao, Xin Peng and Lin Lin

Convenient Cotton Bud

Convenient Cotton Bud

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