Colim Caravan Concept : A Cool Combination of A Car and A Caravan Camper

The new vehicle design by Christian Susana is a nice combination of car and a caravan camper. Christian has called it Colim (Colors of Life in Motion), which might not win many points on looks department, but still is quite useful given the kind of flexibility it offers. Colim caravan concept provides the advantage of detaching the front part if one does not have a usage for the home part. Design wise it reminds more of geometric shape, which one can say to be a welcome change from the regular designs, but the designer has really explored a possibility using different shapes which may pave way for better shaped cars.

colim caravan concept

colim caravan concept

The designer says : “The Colim concept – an acronym meaning ‘colors of life in motion’ – is an intelligent mobility concept which stretches primarily the bridge between caravans, camper, lifestyle and business. Dubbed a ‘lifestyle motor home’, the cockpit can be disconnected from the usable living space. The livable area is flexible, with individually applicable multi function modules. Designed for two people (max. four persons), the motor home offers the possibility to personalize its four mobile ‘walls’ according to the present life situation of the user. This flexibility is not only limited to the living area, but also features in the cockpit.”

colim caravan concept

colim caravan concept

colim caravan concept

colim caravan concept

colim caravan concept

colim caravan concept

colim caravan concept

colim caravan concept

colim caravan concept

colim caravan concept

Designer : Christian Susana

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77 thoughts on “Colim Caravan Concept : A Cool Combination of A Car and A Caravan Camper

    • This would be no problem if the front and back portions had electric motors in the wheels or just had separate electric motors that worked together and shared battery while together but could easily be unlinked without any complicated mechanics.

  1. I had originally thought the engine for the front car is too small. But then again why would it only be limited to the front car. They could conceivably place an engine in the back car as well.

  2. The linkage for disconnecting from the rear and assembling/engaging the drive wheels would cost as much as a third car. Plus be way too complicated to survive daily use.

  3. Id drive this to any RV campsite, Id be neat.

    No need to have car towed in rear.

    Very Aero.

    & one can extend Trailer for 8 persons.

    & add features like:




    CD & Bose sound system

    Equip module for camping or surfboards, Sea Doos etc.

    microwave, BBQ pit

    lawn chairs

    Solar array in roof.




    Produce this.

    Be neat as a Mini Cargo Van alone.

    IE FedEx, UPS

  4. I originally studied architecture and as such admire the effort put into this. It is brilliant.

    I am a young outdoors person who kayaks and kite surfs. This is exactly what I need. I would be will to pay good money to own one of these. Instead I am looking at converting a second had BT ford transit van into a weekend van!!!!

  5. Some years ago I thinked in a similar concept between caravans and camping-cars! It's good to see that someboby has created one!

    If you give me permision I would like to write a short text about it in our spanish blog!

  6. I think it is a very easy to travel with an engine like this.

    Is it possible to find it in Spain ?. Where ?

    Congratulations for the idea.

  7. helloo..

    I would like to have a look at the cad drawings of the Cool Combination of A Car and A Caravan Camper. As i am a student doing final year in interior designing. So it would be helpful for my academic if u could help me out with some of the drawings of the caravan.And also i ve taken my thesis topic as CARAVAN it would be helpful for me in completing my project in a sucessful manner.Hope to see ur reply as soon as possible.

  8. Nice concept. Since the design is so far ‘outside the box’, why does it need to use a conventional drive system. Could be battery/electric with independent drive wheels at each corner.

    As an owner of a Class A RV I really appreciate the idea of not needing a separate tow vehicle. What this concept lacks is storage. One nice thing about RV’s is bring your camping and outdoor equipment with you. No obvious exterior under coach or interior overhead storage.

  9. This is not a new or even an original concept.

    Similar designs that merge a car/caravan, car/plane, and car/boat have been floating around 1920's!

    • the wheels doesn't look new.. its been around for ages.. oh will you look at that.. the windows.. they're GLASS! such copycats… sigh.. c'mon dude, it's your opinion to think its not an original concept, but honestly my opinion on yours is, it's a stupid opinion. badum tss.

  10. Dear designer, I browse a net to find some motor caravan and unfortunatelly I cant find your on market!! Its pitty, I love it!!

    Good luck and try to do real one, you will make millions!!

  11. At first I thought it was impractical, but the fount vehicle could also be used to tow other rear ends; van, pick up, MPV etc. the hitching system is fairly to build too. It’s so funky people will buy it, after all they buy the Mini and the Smart!

  12. its very creative and well designed from outside but the interior is not starting from space and design is not manged in space saving way it looks like u though about the look more than the flexibility of real living.

  13. Wow, I have been a campervan camper for years and was sitting here designing in my head, a van that had an integral drive away car but no towing. We camp up and go hill walking but it is difficult to keep driving the van to start points. Husband is disabled so car would be a real bonus. Lots of us oldies out there with our pension lump sums. Could not believe it when I googled caravan and this came up. Not exactly my design cup of tea as I like cosy soft furnished beds , but certainly a great concept and living in London would consider buying something similar. Agree with Taryam about design over practicality. Us campers are canny with space and need nooks and crannies.

  14. PS and space for the tinnies, chairs, BBQ, clothes, boots, television, radio, torches, towels, magazines, campsite books, bedding (quite large for winter) food, fire bucket, water bottles, chill box to supplement fridge, electric hook up cable, levellers, mud mats, saucepans, wine rack, sun umbrellas, wet clothes etc……………………………..

  15. Nice design, as to comments about the drive system the Asian market has made full-electric stretch limos with a top speed of 200mph using independent electric motors at each wheel. Too many people think electric is slow in reality there are full-electric dragsters and other vehicles that perform equally with combustion engines.

  16. Wow! i want one!!!!!! I LOVE camping, def with RVs or a 5th wheels.. this is a dream! i love the futuristic look it has, and the ability to detach the front part. Make it happen and itll def be something ill be interested in!

  17. I have to say, I thought it was quirky, at first, and dismissed it as yet another concept that'll never get off the CAD table. While that remains to be seen, I was surprised once I saw the inside of the camper; plenty of potential. Not a fan of the wheels or ride height though; looks fragile. Otherwise, very creative concept, even if it is respinning concepts of old. Best of luck! I can appreciate the time and effort invested so far.

  18. I could use this for my company, we visit trade shows and this would be idea and we are nerds..this would be perfect! call me if you make these..i will buy!

  19. That is one awesome concept caravan 🙂 Lol never seen of of these before. Really cool to see this. It doesn't look like it would come cheap I'd have to agree with the other posters…

  20. For my part, I like this concept design. This is not as large as the other modern RVs. It is a cozy motor home that is a sustainable model as a project. I fancy it as a honeymoon RV bug.

  21. Denis Jeffery love it but a little to small would need to be larger but love the idea of the park and ride as it can be a pain some times if you need to pack away to go off out some where.

  22. So this is the future of RV's? It's not so bad. They might want to reduce the size of the windows though. I'd imagine people would still want some semblance of privacy.

  23. Gosh!!!
    Incredible Design..
    Never though a car could Look Like this..
    Would love to have a ride on it..
    But how??

  24. I'm very much impressed by experiencing Christian Susana new innovative Colim caravan. It's amazing to see two in one combination and that little Nano shaped car is looking just nice. I think for perfect living nothing required except this huge Colim caravan. Thanks.

  25. Wow… The design is awesom, I don't know if it's possible to make it real.. It's one thing to design and another to built it! But the idea behind is great! I'm a camper and i would buy it if I would have the chance!

  26. I'm impressed with the design of this camping solution! No more need for hotel and you have you car with you! Cool stuff buddy!

  27. I believe that these are the motor homes for the future. They may want to change the color for it is too glaring, but the interiors, I would not change one thing.

  28. I hope that they will be self sustaining in energy generation and consumption. I think that they will be viable for solar and electric charged vehicles. That would promote clean caravans.

  29. When will these models arrive? They should see the light of day as automakers need to patent or buy these designs for production.

  30. A great looking caravan indeed! I’ve never seen such versatile design car concept before. Really stylist and luxurious as well! I hope soon such caravan will be available for driving and living mobility. Thanks.

  31. No offense, but that is just ridiculous and impractical. Not to mention it wouldn’t be cost effective…

  32. I have to say that the design is indeed impressive, I just love those wide windows, I would definitely not mind owning one. Just let us now if they decide to build it!

  33. This is what 2020 Travel is all about.

    This took a lot of work and I am very impressed with the vision of this design.

    Hope we can offer this as a rental @ 2020.

  34. That’s actually a very unique car service. At first i thought it was not a car but a small house.. I am sure this cost a lot and only those people who have earned a lot of money can afford to buy this.

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