Chiron Transportation to Minimize Ecological Damage

To meet logistic purposes, the flexibility of commercial road vehicle is essential. But transportation by road is one of the major reasons of environmental pollution and the planet is paying a high price to increase the economic efficiency. Chiron is a means of transportation designed to minimize the ecological damage which combines the flexibility of road vehicles with the environmental suitability of the railway. This design incorporates the latest 21st century engine that applies an algae-powered fuel cell which will surely increase the business efficiency by minimizing the fuel cost. Moreover, this concept includes satellite tracking system to navigate the supplementary dimension of railroad.

chiron efficient transport

chiron efficient transport

chiron efficient transport

chiron efficient transport

Designer : Benjamin Cselley, Jupin Ghanbari, Jessica Covi, and Erol Kursani

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5 thoughts on “Chiron Transportation to Minimize Ecological Damage

  1. Very Unique, but can Teamsters withstand this. I recall 1991 Robot Jox & they had self driving semi tractor trucks in movie & this is the same.

    Love the dual mode: Road & RR.

    Clever & usable.

    Must for the US marketplace alone.

    Come to the US.

  2. its a nice information for students like me those who are wants to do some thing new. Thanks for proveding such things

  3. Good Idea, but, for a Railroad is impossible to operation with this wheels design.

    If someone do a new technology it may be work.

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