Ceramix For Mix – No More Spoon

Simple cup design that helps you remove your spoon while you mix in sugar or cream within your tea or coffee. “Ceramix for Mix” saucer and cup design was created by three brilliant designers : Florian Dussopt, Jeremie Reneau & Julie Girard. Using a ceramic balls that act as a track, this ball will help you to mix your tea or coffee when you swirl your cup. As for me, I still love the old way by spinning my little silver spoon in my tea or coffee cup slowly, I think that’s the art of drinking my tea or coffee, but that’s just me 🙂

spoonless glass

ceramix for mix spoonless glass

ceramix for mix

Designer : Florian Dussopt, J?r?mie Reneau & Julie Girard via Yanko

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