Cellogan : Futuristic Car with Eight-Shaped Body

There are so many car models available on the market today. Therefore, everyone looks for a faster and safer car which is also compatible with nature. Cellogan futuristic car concept promises incredible safety and very high speed with low friction and central controlling. Cellogan is going to offer velocity and safety with environment-friendly pleasure. There are three caterpillar rubber track wheels which are 360 Degree flexible. This car also features rechargeable benefit even when the car is parked on the road. Perhaps this car design is inspired by a computer mouse with its curved body, but still providing a perfect view from behind for the driver.

cellogan car concept

cellogan car concept

Text from designer :
“There is No doubt the car which is belong to tomorrow should be faster and safer while it’s compatible with nature. Also as a result of Fossil Fuels Limitation and generated pollution by this kind of fuel, another propulsion should be replaced: “Electromagnetic”.

Propulsion that moves “Maglev” trains With high speed and incredible safety because of very low friction(almost zero) and central controlling. By improving this idea, it will bring us to appropriate velocity, safety and pleasure compatible with our environment and no damage to nature. Auxiliary propulsion has been placed from three caterpillar rubber track wheels which is 360 degree turnable for situations there is no magnetic road. Also the car cells will be charged while the car is parked on the road.

As you can see I’ve tried to make a curved body without any sharp part. The main body has inspired from feline body while peugeot features are sensible.

Followed by Exterior body, Interior is a combination of continuous parts. Multimedia and navigation systems are touch screens which their themes are changeable. The main screen shows a perfect view from behind and help you to drive the car reversely by inverting steering wheel without looking back.”

cellogan car concept

cellogan car concept

cellogan car concept

Designer : Hossein Ghahramani

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3 thoughts on “Cellogan : Futuristic Car with Eight-Shaped Body



  2. I think a design like this should be sent to a company like Audi as they design a lot of "rounder" shaped cars. Great concept, what software did you use to design this, email me at [email protected]

    Again great design

  3. Radical drive, but Id like to see a Biofuel model with said Interior systems for just Demo & Marketting before adding Mag Lev mode.

    I can see this as Honda, Acura, Lexus, Toyota model.

    Id drive one.

    Looks safe in body style.

    Need to expand window area some.

    & deter hackers from ruining touch screen visual mode systems & consoles.

    Just rig car with Interior steering etc panels alone for Tech Demonstrator IE 30, 50 for tests nationwide

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