Cauldryn Water Bottle for Unlimited Hot Water

Cauldryn Water Bottle allows you to boil water or keep its content at its ideal drinking temperature all day long. It’s an innovative bottle design that offers new possibilities to outdoor enthusiasts, especially when they have limited access to fire and electricity.

Cauldryn features modular design, it is offered in two models: Cauldryn Fyre and Cauldryn Fyre Mobile where both have a 16-ounce capacity, made of stainless steel, and insulating lid. The Fyre model comes with a heating element while the mobile version includes a rechargeable battery.

Cauldryn Future Water Bottle - Futuristic Travel Mug That Boils

Cauldryn Future Water Bottle - Futuristic Travel Mug That Boils

You can fill Cauldryn with your favorite drink, from tea, coffee, soup, or just water. The heating element attached to the bottle has four settings: hot, extra hot, brew, and boil, it means that the content of the bottle can be heated up to 212 degree. The heating element can also run through an AC or DC power source thanks to included AC base or optional DC base, you can enjoy unlimited brew or boil.

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