CATCH – Affordable and Easy to Use HIV Detector Concept for Developing Countries

CATCH” is a low cost, easy to use, self-testing concept device which detects HIV. This encourages people in developing countries (who are discouraged from traveling for miles to see a doctor) to check themselves for HIV at home.

HIV is the biggest killer of the 3rd world. 2.5 million contract HIV every year, with 2 million dying from AIDS. This begs the question, why is HIV not detected before it reaches the AIDS stage? If HIV is caught early, it is treatable. As a result, the death toll in developing countries will be considerably lower. This is where CATCH can help.

The world we now live in often sweeps major issues such as AIDS under the carpet. It is only until it affects “1st world” countries that we start to take action. It was astonishing to discover the sheer quantity of how many lives are affected by AIDS. The help is available, but in the past decade, people of the are now taught to be more self-sufficient. Although this is positive progression, products must be designed to account for this new school of thought. This is why CATCH is such a huge leap for the progression of humanity.

Catch Easy HIV Detector by Hans Ramzan

Catch Easy HIV Detector by Hans Ramzan

CATCH HIV Detector by Hans Ramzan is extremely intuitive and can be used by anyone. It is designed to do all the thinking for the user and is operated in 3 easy steps;
1. Sliding the disinfectant sleeve over the finger.
2. Push down on the pipette/needletop
3. Press the button to see the result

“I am not interested in profit at all – a price cannot be put on the welfare and advancement of human civilization. Problems will always be present in the world, but my dream is to live in a world where issues in developing nations are proportional to those in western civilization. I hope to take this product into production as soon as possible. The sooner we can stop HIV, the more lives we can save.” – Hans Ramzan

This simple device has the potential to save millions of lives at a tiny production price of £4. Developing countries shouldn’t be reliant on western donations – they need product specifically designed for them. The device itself is partly made from recycled plastic bottles. This is to help combat the ever-rising issue of environmental deterioration (which is a contributing factor to what establishes a country as ‘underdeveloped’).

Catch Easy HIV Detector by Hans Ramzan

Catch Easy HIV Detector by Hans Ramzan

Catch Easy HIV Detector by Hans Ramzan

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