Care-O-Bot Can Take Good Care of You

With rising spending power and better lifestyle, the need for providing care services is on the rise. To cater to these care needs Fraunhofer IPA has developed the mobile robot assistant to take care of humans. It is designed to take care of day to day needs for everyone. The first Care-o-bot was developed in 1998 with its ability to move around safely in the human environment. The subsequent developments have given it the ability to manipulate regular household tasks. Thus the future seems set that the care-o-bots can surely take good care of us.

care o bot

care o bot

care o bot

care o bot

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2 thoughts on “Care-O-Bot Can Take Good Care of You

  1. Neat esp for crowded hotels & hospitals,clinics, resorts.

    Be a neat bartender & have unit even make drinks?

    & do other chores(wash dishes, fix PCs, vacum rooms etc from self install attachments).

    Have security module with gun etc for Defense.

    Have Medscanner to care for patients at home & send data to hospital.

    Make in different sizes, weights, for miscl jobs


    Nice name

    Have robot control from remote Keypad for Manual Use or download Orders.

    Or from PC.



    Search Rescue


    MedHelper: Hospital

    Valet/Bartender- Hotels.

    Live in Companion for seniors?

    Warehouse: carry 100 lbs of stuff daily, 24/7.

    Mobile Camera base for TV & movie use.

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