Capo Grande Tower to Become a Landmark of Giusterna Beach

Capo Grande Tower project from Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas will rise in the coastal panorama of Koper/Capodistria. Slovenian coastal council appointed several experts to find the perfect design to become a landmark of Giusterna Beach and link to Monte San Marco.

Capo Grande Tower by Fuksas

Capo Grande Tower by Fuksas

Featuring a double ellipse structure that inclined slightly towards the sea, this tower is able to overcome vertical height difference with a total height of around 111 meters. Together with Sandi Pirs, Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas know for sure that this tower would become a new symbolic element of the city, that’s why the structure needs to have deeper meaning. That double ellipse reaching out to the sky represents two cultures: Italian and Slovenian, cultures that coexist in the city of Koper and throughout the coastline. This is like a tower of peace between East and West.

In the evening, those two intertwining spirals will be illuminated while the top united to create a thin beam of light of hope, just hovering over the sea and the city. Since this tower is located upon the sea, this structure is not only practical means for residents to pass from Giusterna to Monte San Marco and vice versa, it can also become a unique tourist attraction. Next to the tower, there’s a panoramic area with a large platform called “Capo Grande”, this area can accommodate bars and restaurants for both residents and tourists.

This area can assist residents to overcoming steep cliff that separates the sea from the hills. The Capo Grande can be reached through a 100-meter long covered bridge that is clad by glass walls where people can view to extend towards the bay and Slovenian hinterland. Recreational activities can be created in this complex such as slides, wall climbing, or bungee jumping.

Capo Grande Tower by Fuksas

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