CAKE Bukk Electric Off-Road Motorcycle Provides a Top Speed of +100 Km/h

Bukk, it’s a new off-road platform designed by CAKE, available in limited editions of 50 units. It’s the next level of light electric off-road motorcycle unveiled at EICMA 2022.

CAKE unveils new platform the Bukk, an electric off-road motorcycle designed for trail and track use, the performance is equivalent to the A2 classification and continues the company’s commitment to transition towards a zero emission society, without sacrificing excitement and safety. Through Bukk Electric Off-Road Motorcycle, CAKE wants to demonstrate the possibility of pushing boundaries for greater performance.

CAKE Bukk Electric Off-Road Motorcycle

Extending life cycles has become the main focus when it comes to enhance purpose, innovation, performance, and physical quality. CAKE Bukk Electric Off-Road Motorcycle promotes sustainability through its durability. At just 85kg, Bukk from CAKE offers a category-leading power to weight ratio. Engineered and manufactured from scratch, this EV comes with 72V battery and 16kW motor, offering 420Nm of instant electric torque and a top speed of +100 Km/h with three ride modes. Ride Bukk silently, it operates without polluting on trails and track.

CAKE Bukk Electric Off-Road Motorcycle

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