C-Leg, Leg Prosthesis from Otto Bock

Until recently prostheses could only be matched roughly to the wearer ? if the proportions and measurements seemed to fit, the aid was considered suitable for that person?s future life. Over the last couple of decades design has helped create an entirely new awareness, and modern prostheses are sophisticated high-tech products that facilitate both mobility and a self-determined life. Natural movements are imitated with the help of intelligent technology, movements that get very close to those of the human leg. However, since prostheses will always remain something artificial to their wearer, it is equally important from a holistic point of view to also address the aesthetic needs of people who have lost a limb.

c-leg, otto bock, leg prosthesis

The C-Leg is an innovative, completely microprocessor-controlled leg prosthesis system that helps people who have undergone transfemoral amputation to achieve a new degree of safety and dynamics. The new C-Leg has been upgraded and expanded with many innovative features. It combines both years of experience and the intelligent use of modern technologies with a clear design of elegant appearance. The C-Leg features a wireless remote control that lets users easily switch between different settings, e.g. for walking, bicycling or inline-skating, as well as make individual fine adjustments to the hydraulic system. No matter at what speed and on what ground the user is walking, the C-Leg reacts in real time to the gait circumstances, ensuring not only natural movements but also offering a high amount of mobility and independence with every step. With its aesthetic and clear language of form, the C-Leg contributes to the well being of its wearers ? thus allowing them to bear their disability with greater self-confidence.

Source : Otto Bock HealthCare

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160 thoughts on “C-Leg, Leg Prosthesis from Otto Bock

  1. my right leg was amputated below the knee. because of blood clot-poor cyculation in my left leg.
    i been in wheel chair for 3 half years because i felt the prothesis leg i seen upset me.
    they were like a stick and i herd it hurts and sweating rubs up on your skin.
    so i did not get one. i saw the c -leg and looks so better.
    how can i get one. being on disablity.

    • So let me get this straight. Linda, you gave up 'living' a productive life 3 yrs ago because you did'nt like the way a prosthetic looks?? How old are you? That's 3 yrs you will never get back…get a prosthetic and get back to living before your life is gone! I've been a Left aka for 4 yrs now. I have been using a Otto Bock 3r80 since the accident and will be recieving my new MAS System socket and my c-leg in a week. I am a RN and WILL get back to my profession in the operating room. Linda, please dont let your life slip by like this. Time goes by sooo fast. There willl be a little discomfort and a little getting use to but the benefits of being able to live a life is so worth it. Prosthetist can cover the stick up with skin and make it have the shape of a leg. Please do this for yourself and all that know you….dont give up!!!!!

  2. Dear sir,my left leg was amputated above knee 4 Years back due to an accident i am used Basic Model Ottobock C Leg .I was introduced to ottobock 3R72,3R80 model prostheses leg. What are this models advantage compare to C leg model what is the Price now & the price different in Purchase india

    • Dear C.S., I'm not a Otto Bock representative but I too am a Left AKA for 4 yrs. from an accident. I thought this little info might help you. The 3R80 is the only knee I've used. It took me a while to figure out that no matter what I do, the 3R80 is not stable enough for me to return to physical activity such as declines, unlevel teraines, and working in the operating room as before. I have attempted it but have fallen a couple of time because it could not keep up with me. I have worked in other department since then but my heart is in that department. a month ago I got to take the c-leg for a test drive. Wow. I couldn't believe the difference! It was the closest to normal I have felt in 4 yrs. I actually felt like I was 'walking ' again. I even went down stairs the normal way. I bent at the knee and picked something up and stood back up effortless. My prosthetist introduced me to the MAS System Socket and I love it. Research it to see if your a candidate for it. In one week i will be coming home with both and am so excited and looking forward to having my life back. If there is any way for you to acquire a c-leg do it asap..

  3. im a right below knee amputee26 yrs old from philippines,and i was being amputate due to bike accident and this happen this yr. 2011… and as of now i was still in recovery situation…the bigger problem is that the c-leg that you where introducing is seem to be expensive, i just want to know how much this cost, and if some one would like to sponsor for this leg,i would be grateful and thankfull because my parents were not financially stable… { [email protected] }

  4. I have an Otto Bock above the knee C-Leg available. I received it in 2008 when I lost my left leg. It was a God send for me. I have a new Rheo leg. The C-leg ac been sitting in my closet for about a year. It is in great condition with all the components: charger, remote, protective knee cover and carrying bag. I am about to place it on EBay. If you need or know of someone in need, please contact soon. I am asking $9,000 but will certainly negotiate for some one in need.
    This leg really gave me my life back as closely as possible. It should not be wasted in my closet.

    • Please let me explain my situation;

      My wife and I were standing in a grassy area off Georgia hwy 25 watching the sunset when a man lost control of his SUV and ran over us at 70 mph. When he saw us helplessly bleeding he fled the seen. He was later caught and sent to prison.

      I lost my leg in the accident, but they've tried to bolt and rod us back together. The doctors thought we wouldn't survive, but by God's miracle we did.

      I had no insurance, the lawsuit is still in process, and S.S. I. lost much of my paperwork so my disability claim had to be started over again.

      My stump leg is now atrophying or the muscles are deteriorating beyond use. I desperately need a prosthetic leg before my leg becomes useless.

      We've never been beggars before, but all we have is $640 for a leg and that's a stretch for us right now. We know your leg is worth far more than that but I'm desperate and grasping at straws. If you could help me it would be appreciated more than you will ever know.

      With Sincerest Thanks,
      Rick & Patricia Sebastian

  5. Hi there,

    I had a motorcycle accident 3 years ago, I had 11 fractures in my left leg and foot. The result some years on has left me unable to move around freely. I really my mobility back. My surgeon says a below the knee amputation would be necessary. I see your legs are all for above the knee. Do you offer an option for below the knee??


  6. Right knee-C-leg with size 10 1/2 …… Knee rotator and charger. Great condition. 7 years old. Knee was replaced in 08 and havent been worn since.7 yrs until repair was needed. Covered since i got it , so no dents or damage to the unit. I got a new c-leg in 08. Im hoping to help someone who cant pay the high price o a new C-leg. $ 5,000 negotiable .Contact me at 216-355-4036. or email me at [email protected]

    • Hello Mr Roderick …….. Can you please tell me if this C-leg is still available. If so would like to talk to you some more about it.
      Where are you located?
      Thank you so much for your time
      Best regards
      Omar Williams (Email: [email protected]

  7. Hi I have been a amputee for 8 years since 03 an have a c leg I am selling a right leg c leg foot knee complete u just need a cast to fit u I am asking 5,000 contact me at my email [email protected] I just service the leg like one year ago an paid 15.000 out of my pocket so leg is like new got a new one paid from my esurace that I have now thanks question email me thanks

  8. hi im only a foot amputated and i learned that ottobuck product sounds like a lifelike how much is the cost of your symes foot? what is the procedure when im in the philippines does it function like a normal walk? thanks

  9. I want to c-leg otto bock.I know ,this is how much dollars?If i will buy this c-leg,how can transport to myanmar country?please hurry reply me.Thanks

  10. hi
    i have a c-leg for the past 5 years i have send it for service every year and now it 5 year old they are tell be its time to get a new one . could some body tell me what is a life time of a c-leg , well if it 5 years well do the math who has $10 to $15000.00 a year for a C-leg , i looked every where to see what was the life time and nobody ever mention anything about it anything about or changing the bushing and the seals or the charger and the brake down inbetwin its a big price to purchase and it is a big price to get it repair

  11. hi stump,
    just want to ask you…how safe to buy used c-leg from ebay?
    and how about warranty if ottobock know..that c-leg is use by 2nd buyer?

  12. hi stump,
    just want to ask you…how safe to buy used c-leg from ebay?
    and how about warranty if ottobock know..that c-leg is use by 2nd buyer?

    • If you buy an Otto Bock there is no warranty unless prescribed by prosthetic makers and I would definetly not use someone elses as the damage you can cause yourself is very high from scrapes and small cuts to literally ripping your skin/flesh and bleeding out without being able to remove the stump from the 2nd hand prosthetic hence why you go to a prosthetic doc to ensure your leg is tailored to you alone.

  13. I lost all my leg to the hip. the only thing recently available goes up to the waist and is very hard to walk in. How much leg/stump must you have to wear a c-leg. Please someone let me know.

  14. I lost all my leg to the hip. the only thing recently available goes up to the waist and is very hard to walk in. How much leg/stump must you have to wear a c-leg. Please someone let me know.

    • I am an AKA and you need only a small amount of stump and they can use straps around your waist and groin but its uncomfortable to use I have been informed and hard to walk on also

  15. I have a AKA and would like to try a C-leg knee joint, I had been trying a new leg with a 3r80 knee ( I belive that was the name on it) and I didnt like it at all, it would not keep up with the fast pace I needed to walk or on slopes it throwed me several times, any way I took an gave the whole leg back to the company that made it for me because the socket was ill fitting and they could seem to get that corrected. now I am going to try a C-Leg and id like to know if they are built well and can handle a person that walks fast and on slopes. if anyone might have one now and can give me any information on them id sure appreicate it alot. Thanks, [email protected]

    • you can cantact ottobock health centre at trichy, it will cost about 16 lacks,
      contact person mr. REX , MOB NO IS 9443206156

  16. I just had AKA 3 months ago three days after my 19th birthday. I was just approved for my temporary prosthesis after many appeals. I was also informed that Nebraska won't pay for the C-leg. I want to know How much the C-leg is, or if there are other prosthetics that will be capable of the jumping and running cheer-leading needs. If you could give me any information, please e-mail me at [email protected]

  17. hi guys, my name is darren and live in australia and am double above knee amputee. I'm looking for a couple second hand c legs as the goverment wont pay for them, they will only pay for a 13 year old design knee which is absolutely no good for me to get back in the work force. Can someone please help me as i cant find any here in OZ
    Thanks guys

  18. Gday guys, i live in australia and cant find any second hand C legs, i'm a bilateral above knee amputee. The goverment here will only give me a 13 year old design knee which is absolutely no good for me to get back in the work force. If anyone has or knows someone that has one or two for sale, can you email me at [email protected]
    Many thanks

  19. hi.my name is meesum rizvi.i want a prosthetic leg for my left leg below knee amputation.so please send me details how much it costs for a good prosthetic leg so that i can walk and even run properly.my email id is [email protected]
    Please send me details.i cant tell u how much i m suffering from this hell like life.i live in new delhi,india.my contact number is +918010899134

  20. Hello. I have 2 used Otto Bock prosthetic legs for sale. One is purely mechanical and one is C-Leg. First one is almost new and C-Le had been used for 3 years but fully functional. Anyone who is willing to make an offer is welcome. My phone # 1-718-415-7723. I prefer a phone call instead of email or posting a reply.

  21. Hi there, i have a right leg above the knee otto bock c leg and foot barely used and an unused swimming leg for sale. feel free to email me for more details. Many thanks

  22. I am an above knee amp with just the hip socket, The femure bone is only sticking out about an inch. Is there anything available for a guy like me? I'm in good shape but have never used a prosthesis in 35 years . Just thought I should look into the new technology. tired of crutches…Help

  23. How is anyone able to get any reall money for a used C-leg? You cannot get the software to program a C-leg yourself, nor the data cable; and if the pylon is unplugged for any reason – you will lose the present programming, the unit will go into "native mode" and lock up stiff until you get it re-programmed.

    An Otto Bock prosthetist is not allowed to program the leg unless it meets Otto Bocks' operational and service standards, and that means current upgrades and parts comprising the entire prosthesis must be present on the leg, and they must check if you bought it used, or it is stolen or bought off the internet. Otto Bock will have a record of who originally bought that C-Leg prosthetic knee.

    Then they will want you to send it in for service – and from I understand comes a bill which is around $6,000 to get it back up to specification.

  24. sir, I am through hip amputee patient from Delhi, India.
    give me details of suitable limb c leg with helix3D joint with some pics and aproxx cost of prosthesis….

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