Bull Frog Is The Little Helper The Doctors Always Needed In A Disaster Scenario

It can do any kind of terrain. It’s built to help doctors and rescue teams save lives. It’s there for you in case disaster strikes. It’s small and has unique features that make it different than other similar products and it’s called the Bull Frog. The design team composed of James Thompson, Jeff Pinard, Isabelle Tremblay and Rob Vandenhoek, gathered around the drawing board to try and find a better solution for transporting medical supplies to remote locations across difficult terrain. They came up with the Bull Frog. A simple exterior shape, but a cleverly designed interior, make the “little helper” stand tall amongst its competitors. The main selling point of the Bull Frog is the fold out work station it provides. This allows rescuers to efficiently treat the victims on site, while there utensils are carried by their “assistant”.

Designers:  James Thompson, Jeff Pinard, Isabelle Tremblay and Rob Vandenhoek

bullfrog rescue concept

bullfrog rescue concept2

The Bull Frog has a color coded cartridge system for storing. The brilliant designed storage system allows the relief pod to carry a wide range of medical equipment, including: gaws, needles, pills and other supplies that might be required. Underneath the pod, the designers have fitted two compartments, which house either water or oxygen bottles for the patients. The pod has been equipped with all terrain tires to cope with the extreme scenarios, and thanks to the great ground clearance, it turns out to be the perfect tool in a disaster scenario. The relief pod has a retractable dolly-like handle, which allows the doctors and rescuers to carry it around. Being small and well organized is most of the times, the perfect combination for a product destined for natural disasters scenarios, as it can fit anywhere and it has everything a doctor needs to save his/her patient.

bullfrog rescue concept3

bullfrog rescue concept4

bullfrog rescue concept5

bullfrog rescue concept6

bullfrog rescue concept7

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