Buck Knives Stowaway Kit (0941BKSVP3) for Travellers

A set of cutting board and knife in one, Buck Knives Stowaway Kit (0941BKSVP3) makes it perfect to own when you travel a lot. Camping, road trip, picnic will not be complete without this set. The spreader has flexible 4.87-inch serrated steel blade, you can use it for different things such as slicing, chopping, and spreading. The overall length for the knife is 9.87-inch and weight only 3.4 oz. Food preparation becomes easier, thanks to the 6-inch x 10-inch paper Stone Cutting Board, spreading peanut butter, jam, cheese, or cream is easy with the knife, and the fact that it’s sturdy enough to slice veggies or snack meats, awesome.

We really love the cutting board design with recessed cavity in bottom and magnet that can hold the spreader in place when not in use. Buy one and keep it in your car or travel bag, once you get home, you can toss the cutting board into your dishwasher. [Buy It Here]

Buck Knives Stowaway Kit (0941BKSVP3)

Buck Knives Stowaway Kit (0941BKSVP3)

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