Bubble Shoe Concept

Shoes for leisure, for summer or winter; shoes for elegant, sporty, or casual times; shoes in brown, blue, or black. There are an infinite number of combination for this fashion accessory. Besides their elementary function of protecting the feet, shoes also express and represent us ? our style, values, taste, and personality. The progress of trends means that we are again and again compelled to buy new shoes despite the fact that the last year?s shoes may still be in impeccable condition. They are just out fashion. Bubble Shoe is based on the convergence of fashion trends and functionality. It offers the wearer the possibility of expressing his or her own values, lifestyle, and look. It is a transparent shoe. Its style, occasion and look are determined by the designs of the socks or stockings worn beneath.

bubble shoe

bubble shoe

The shoe itself has a durable sole, resistant to scratches and shock, and a shell composed of two layers of silicon plastic with compressed gas in between. The vamp is vapour permeable, airy, and at the same time water-resistant. It features excellent thermal protection, but still reveals our foot and ourselves. The foot is thus put on display, in a position requiring the wearer to provide it with ?make up? according to their own judgement, choice and courage. Socks have been specially designed for this purpose, and can determine the style and the activity into which the wearer is entering.

Designer : Aljosa Senk

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8 thoughts on “Bubble Shoe Concept

  1. Hello, I'm Victoria Blanco, a journalist from Argentina. I'm making a note on "smart clothing" to publish in several magazines and would like to know with whom I can contact me so that I provide information and press photos in high resolution (300 dpi) to publish. Thank you very much.

  2. that is an interesting idea. I'd wear them. They have a "croc" look about them but not exactly. Id also like to know where to get grass socks. Those are da bomb…

  3. When will these be available for purchase? I am 54 years young and crochet my own neon and lovely colored socks. I would LOVE to find shoes like these to show my socks. These are marvellous!

  4. man I had an idea like this but its to late sorta idc (I dont care) but mine was going to have the same winter and summer thing and it was gonna be shoe lace free and a lot more slimer then that but im a kid right now so i dont really have all that education field in materials and stuff but whoever wants this idea can have it

  5. You can't, they're filled with a secret mixture of gasses, so you can't repair an Air-bubble. Probably the most you can do, is return to the store, see if they do exchanges.

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