Brush Your Teeth Power by Sunshine Using Quip Solar Charger

Quip Compact Solar Charger would support your oral health by utilizing sustainable energy. Use your brush, powered by sunshine, each charger comes with two rechargeable AAA batteries to support your sustainable routine. Equipped with LED indicator light, this device lets you know when it is fully charged, or needs some power (orange), or it’s not charging correctly (red). It’s a safe way to reduce your waste, smile brighter knowing that you help in creating better environment through earth-friendly teeth brushing routine.

Quip Solar Charger

Place Quip Solar Charger next to your window, let it get maximum light exposure, no wires needed. It generates great power from solar energy and transforms it into electricity when it’s time to recharge your batteries. Just in case of emergency, use that Micro-USB port to charge you batteries in about three hours. [Buy It Here]

Quip Solar Charger

Quip Solar Charger

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