Bring Your Helicopter Anywhere with You !

Ever imagine to have a helicopter and bring it anywhere with you ? Russia has developed a Ka-56 “Wasp” helicopter which fully functional and can be used to carry one passenger. You can fold the helicopter and put it in a tube that also can be carried around. All you need to worry is the price to get one.

pocket helicopter

future pocket helicopter

futuristic helicopter

russian pocket helicopter

pocket helicopter

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3 thoughts on “Bring Your Helicopter Anywhere with You !

  1. This is one of the most advanced technology that i've ever seen. Everybody must want one of this, but can they..? From my estimation, this thing must be very expensive, maybe around $1.5 million dollars. Thanks very much.

  2. Why $1.5 million dollars? I think it's just concept model as another concepts. For example, in Russia was helicopter KA-50 "black shark". It was only 1 helicopter in the world who can make dead loop and have catapult. Of course it is cool but this helicopter never use in army and never was sale. 🙁 I think Ka-56 will be only concept too.

  3. Great for a 007 movie IE

    Little Nellie #2 for new Bond to use?

    Wild & radical

    Darn that price BUT Fun

    Apps for:

    Search Rescue


    Traffic control


    Sensor mount

    IMAX camera module?


    Police use.

    Bring price down & sell worldwide

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