BRB Evolution Folding Car Concept

This car concept is called BRB Evolution, because it has the ability of this car to fold up to 50% of its original size. Daniel Bailey, the designer, figured the two of the main problems of the future in big cities would be the pollution and over population, he wanted to design a car which powered by electricity and a hydrogen fuel cell to deal with the pollution issue, while the fold-able concept is to help with the limited available parking space. This potentially doubles the amount of parking spaces! two rollers would come from the bottom, roll the car up, turn and slide the car into the space sideways, the driver would have to exit prior to the folding. This car design was inspired by Peugeot 908 and Lamborghini Murcielago, with 180 degree moon roof, this concept car definitely sleek and sexy folding car.

BRB evolution folding car concept

BRB evolution folding car concept

BRB evolution folding car concept

BRB evolution folding car concept

BRB evolution folding car concept

Designer : Daniel Bailey

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15 thoughts on “BRB Evolution Folding Car Concept

  1. lamo damen your clearly very inteligent haha who would want this car, like who is the target market???? someone with a very small but very tall garage ??????? lmao email me with one person woho would want this and i take it all back =]

  2. Er let's see who would want this car – anyone who lives or works in a city. Unless you want to pay a ton in an underground car park or get the bus to work

  3. Love the idea of the car folding to park BUT having the driver get out?

    IE in the pouring rain or HOT summer heat?

    No I say Redesign the Folding Body section.

    NOT all spaces are that small.

    Readjust body shape

    BUT Good Idea.

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