Braille Electric Plug Tags Help Visuall Impaired People to Identify Each Plug Easier

For visually impaired people, it’s pretty frustrating when they have to deal with so many plugs for so many electric devices. Braille Electric Plug Tags have been designed to solve this issue especially when our collections of electrical devices are usually growing which results in using more plugs. It would be very easy to identify which plug for which device with these tags, in this way, people with visual impairment don’t have to rely solely on their memory to recognize each plug which in a multi-socket power board.

Braille Electric Plug Tags are made from thick and stiff fabric attached with Velcro. It provides information of the device type through various indicators such as Braille, an English abbreviation or a raised icon. One side shows Braille system and the other side displays icon and abbreviation.

Designer : Chen Shuwen

Braille Electric Plug Tags by Chen Shuwen

Braille Electric Plug Tags by Chen Shuwen

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