Bracelet KEY Is Ideal for People That Keep Losing Their Keys

Some people just seem to keep on losing their keys as simply as put them down and then forget. It’s really frustrating, do you think Bracelet KEY could be the simple and practical solution for this problem?

This product transforms your key into fashion item. If you have experienced in losing your key before then you know it can result in embarrassment, inconvenience and the financial cost to replace a lock. This simple product has been designed to enable you to wear your key conveniently on the wrist. The key shaft forms one end of a silicon band that locks together around your wrist, you can release it by pressing a small round button near the connecting point. So, Bracelet Key anyone?

Designers : Kim Ji Soo, Kim Jeongmin and Chung Boogun

Bracelet Key by Kim Ji Soo, Kim Jeongmin and Chung Boogun

Bracelet Key by Kim Ji Soo, Kim Jeongmin and Chung Boogun

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34 thoughts on “Bracelet KEY Is Ideal for People That Keep Losing Their Keys

  1. This would be perfect for a friend of mine and I would use it too! If you get these available for purchase by the holidays I think they will sell like gold!

  2. I do not see any information on the availability! Why post ideas if they are NOT AVAILABLE??? A waste of my time and effort if not posted as such–
    I think they are an excellent idea and have been well thought out, but what am I missing here????? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. i have been trying to figure out where to buy this for the past 15 minutes, and come to find out it's concept only at this time?? This needs to go into production now – nearly every runner or dog walker would buy one – easy marketing. Suggest colors other than white due to discoloration and dirt.

  4. I totally want at least two of these. I have kids who need keys and these would be a great way for the kids to keep up with their keys.

  5. Great idea i have a key chain that hangs on my neck. It’s a pain and i loss that one too if I take it off for some reason. Need one for house key and car key. Great ideal

  6. I love this idea. We would buy one for everyone in the house and the buy them for our friends for Christmas presents. People are always on the go. We need to know when and where to buy this. A handful of keys is a thing of the past. Keys get put on key rings and you only take what you need. But a bracelet that you wear daily. That would be awesome.

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