Borderlands Claptrap Talking USB Hub Greets You Every Time You Connect The Hub

Listen to that funky beat coming out of Claptrap, it’ll make you dance and smile. Borderlands Claptrap Talking USB Hub is here for you when you need to charge your smart devices or transfers data, it also talks a little smack. This unit is compatible with just about anything that charges via USB, just like the car charger version, you just need to prepare the cable. It’s a cool gadget that will greet you every time you connect the hub or just use one of four ports, but just in case it’s get annoying, simply press that mute button. The four USB 2.0 ports (1.0A) have transfer speed of 480Mbps, when the eye of Claptrap lights up, it indicates power. [Buy It Here]

Borderlands Claptrap Talking USB Hub

Borderlands Claptrap Talking USB Hub

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