Bobbing Forrest : Miniature Trees Floating on Water by Jorge Bakker

Bobbing Forrest is an innovative green project for Rotterdam. Designed by Jorge Bakker, this project aims to raise the question about relationship between city dweller and nature. Bakker himself is known for his sculpture and installations that have an architectural impact, just like these miniature trees floating on water. Jeroen Everaert, Anne van der Zwaag (art historian and cultural entrepreneur) and Jurgen Bey (director Sandberg Institute and Dutch designer) found this concept is so appealing that they decided to implement it in real life.

In spring 2016, you can expect to see Bobbing Forrest on the water, the Rijnhaven will never be the same. Each unit is made from pre-existing materials while the 20 old sea buoys from the North Sea will be provided by Rijkswaterstaat, the agency of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. Those sea buoys are suitable to carry living trees and display their personal beauty on the water.

Designer : Jorge Bakker

Bobbing Forrest by Jorge Bakker

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