BMW HP2 Megamoto Motorcycle

The BMW HP2 Megamoto is the second model in the new HP (High Performance) line and here, too, brand values have been consistently implemented. Driving performance and dynamics have been increased and the motorcycle design reduced to its essential elements. The BMW HP2 Megamoto transfers the BMW HP2 Enduro’s attributes of dynamics, lightness and technical perfection to the road. An optimized engine output, an adjustable upside-down fork and the spring strut serve its adaptation for road use, as do a suitable set of tires and cast aluminum wheels. The stylistic expression of this motorcycle is characterized by a compact form, with the emphasis on the front. Viewed from behind and from the rider?s position, its slim silhouette conveys this motorcycle’s easy mobility, as well as a touch of sensuality and driving pleasure.

bmw hp2 megamoto motorcycle

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3 thoughts on “BMW HP2 Megamoto Motorcycle

  1. The Megamoto HP2 is one of the most beautiful machines I have ever laid eyes on. It also does a great job of motivating me towards taking ownership of one… one day in the near future. Congratulations BMW. Love your creative visions realized. 🙂

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