BMW Concept X6 at Frankfurt Motorshow

BWM finally showed off its two-mode hybrid system (the first BMW with two-mode hybrid system) at Frankfurt Motorshow, the idea behind this concept car is “merging the athletic aesthetics of a true sports car with the versatility of an SAV resulted in a new vehicle category that so far has not been realized” as stated on the BMW website. Quoted from Chris Bangle as Chief of Design for BMW Group about BMW concept x6 : “a good concept realizes itself in a short amount of time”. There is no official technical statement from BMW about this BMW X6, but the hybrid system expected to improve fuel efficiency by 20 percent. This car was only a concept till now, I believe this is going to be the basic of the next model BMW car.

bmw x6 concept

bwm concept car x6

bmw x6 car

bwm x6 concept car

bmw concept x6

bwm concept car

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26 thoughts on “BMW Concept X6 at Frankfurt Motorshow

  1. I love BMW, I have always loved BMW since I was a 6, I will always love BMW, God I Love BMW and its beauty. The sad thing is I have never owned a BMW. BMW 4 Ever


  2. bien binedo . ona brigota por fabor oste ministaryo cuanto cuesta esta cotche bwmx6 motchas grasyas

  3. i love this bmw x6 i can't lose my wife for this car . oh GOOD make my dream true.this is the most wonderful car never had in the world

  4. i love this car,it my dream car n in 2015 i must buy it is a changle for me.
    it not just a car it is the king of car

  5. I'm fed up of bmw's and other modern cars dazzling me with their overbright front and rear lights.

    Also I'd rather buy a car that can be supplied with replacement parts for the next 300 years- at least(yes "three hundred years") and I'll only buy from a company that shares parts throughout it's range instead of designing a brand new component for each model,year, engine size etc

    Come on car companies wake up or you're extinct

  6. Is this the Hydrogen hybrid, presently being tested in California, that cannot be parked in garages since it leaks enough hydrogen to cause an explosion?

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