BMW Active Hybrid e-Bike : The Next Chapter of BMW Bikes

BMW Active Hybrid e-Bike wants to write the next chapter in BMW Bikes collection’s success story. This new e-bike would demonstrate (as always) how innovative technology and luxurious design can blend in harmony to create aesthetically pleasing concept. It’s a perfect bike for short and long rides, each unit is equipped with a comprehensively revised drive concept, creating a significant power boost. The advanced Brose electric motor can be activated when required to supplement rider’s pedal power.

BMW Active Hybrid e-bike produces output of 250W and 90Nm (66 lb-ft) of torque, the motor injects extra dynamism and serves up the agility that BMW is renowned. The 504 Wh battery powers the energy for the electric pedal assistance with a maximum range of 100 km (62 miles), also this battery is removable. The bike rider can adjust the degree of pedal assistance with ease through the new display, there are four modes from ECO (50%) to TURBO (275%), pretty awesome right?

BMW Active Hybrid e-Bike

BMW Active Hybrid e-Bike

Both motor and its battery are fully integrated into the hydroformed aluminum frame, thus highlighting the bike’s elegant and sporty silhouette. The frame is accentuated by a familiar BMW “Bullneck”, it emits good energy of forward-surging presence, including the exclusive Frozen Black and Arctic Silver paintwork. The Mudguards also give you striking evidence of how the design team has done great approach at even the smallest details. The LED light is integrated into the aluminum mudguard over the rear wheel to provide optimum safety and add a further design flourish.

The saddle of BMW Active Hybrid e-bike is specially developed to meet the requirements of e-bikers. BMW Group Designworks commissioned Selle Royale, a saddle maker to tailor this saddle in order to deliver inimitable riding experience. Featuring a short nose with a rising seat surface at the rear, combined them with moving side wings, this saddle offers a stable seating position and improve balance when pushing off and braking. There’s a micro USB socket and Bluetooth function on the battery that allow rider to hook their smartphone up to the bike. The retail price of BMW Active Hybrid e-bike is around EUR 3,400.

BMW Active Hybrid e-Bike

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BMW Active Hybrid e-BikeBMW Active Hybrid e-BikeBMW Active Hybrid e-BikeBMW Active Hybrid e-Bike

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