BlueFox ST1 Anti-Drowning Bracelet Can Be Programmed Individually for Each User

The BlueFox ST1 bracelet works fully automatic. The permanent measurement of depth and time in the water makes the bracelet to a personal protector for bathers. In an emergency situation, in this case the pre-programmed parameters of depth and time are exceeded, the alarm module will be disconnected from the bracelet and with a balloon filled gas (within few seconds) forced to the water-surface. Right after the alarm module with the balloon has reached the water-surface it alerts all people in and around the water with a very loud (100 db) acoustic signal. BlueFox ST1 is a stand-alone safety product. No additional equipment or installation is required to carry out the necessary alert functions in an emergency case. This allows a safe rest in all kind of waters and pools around the world. The only condition is that you are not alone and somebody can do the rescue procedure.

Designer : Bluefox Swiss

BlueFox ST1 Anti Drowning Bracelet by Bluefox Swiss

BlueFox ST1 Anti Drowning Bracelet by Bluefox Swiss

BlueFox can be programmed very easily and consumer-friendly by a free download-program of the BlueFox software on our website. BlueFox can be programmed individually depending on the swimming ability or the age of a person. An example: the programming parameters of the bracelet for a six year old non-swimmer might be 50 cm/15 sec. An alarm will be released as soon as the bathing child exceeds the 50 cm water depth (counted from the water-surface) and the duration of 15 seconds. For an adult or good swimmer the parameters will be set at a higher level, such as for example 80 cm and a longer duration of maybe 20 sec. This allows the swimmer to jump into the water, to dive, to swim laps etc. without getting a false alarm. Whereas if you want to protect a toddler who should not even be close to water, the unit will be programmed with 5cm/5 sec, this ensures, that an alarm will be triggered immediately when the toddler falls into the water.

BlueFox ST1 Anti Drowning Bracelet by Bluefox Swiss

BlueFox ST1 Anti Drowning Bracelet by Bluefox Swiss

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