Blue Me Portable Vacation Home

Presenting you the all-new vacation home, which is portable! Yes you heard it rightly. “Blue Me” portable vacation home allows you to take the pleasure of a lovely nap in your own sweet home. Designed by artist Anton Markus Pasing.The most wonderful thing is that it never makes you homesick, as it is completely like a living room with T.V, oven and a cot and what else even a kitchen too just like your home. In today’s world all the electronics are portable but your very own Blue Me portable home is a complete package of all the electronic goods.

blue me portable vacation home

blue me portable vacation home

blue me portable vacation home

Designer : Anton Markus Pasing via Dvice

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3 thoughts on “Blue Me Portable Vacation Home

  1. Love to 2 rent one, have to have Sports Chalet chain offer Tent home kits OR RV dealers to sell alone.


    Towable or on rooftop?

    Id stay in one.

    Ideal worldwide.

    Neat design


    & with pre packaged electronics, wow.

    Unit cost per

    Rental cost ?

    Explain more

  2. That is a totally different portable home in comparison to traditional ones. It’s nice to see how people’s imagination turns into efficient and modern buildings.

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