BlackBerry Passport Smartphone Features Wider Screen and New Keyboard Design

BlackBerry releases a unique designed phone that hopefully can bring back its magic in the past. BlackBerry Passport Smartphone features a large square touch screen to provide user with amazing viewing and reading experience, it means you’ll get to enjoy wider vision for web browsing, working, reading, editing, or maps experience. Wider view also means you can read email without scrolling and respond faster, see full desktop web page on the screen, find specific location on a map from your phone faster, edit any documents easier.

The iconic BlackBerry keyboard has been taken into the next level with this new phone. This physical keyboard offers you with more accurate typing while still have more screen space for viewing. The touch-enabled feature allows you to perform many functions right on the keyboard, it’s very responsive, you can easily scroll web pages or flick to slide.

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BlackBerry Passport Smartphone

BlackBerry Passport Smartphone

The battery life of this phone is pretty impressive, with its 3450mAh battery, this smartphone offers 30 hours of battery life. You can be sure the phone can keep going for as long as you need it to. Manage your emails, calendar, contacts, or any other BlackBerry 10 features using voice/text commands, thanks to BlackBerry Assistant technology. It is smart enough to respond to you based on your situation, such as when you’re connected to Bluetooth in the car, this app knows that you can’t look at the screen and only interacts with you eyes and hands free.

BlackBerry Passport boasts BlackBerry Natural Sound Technology which is built-in to adapt Wi-Fi and cellular call sound, it offers you great in-person conversation experience.

BlackBerry Passport Smartphone

BlackBerry Passport Smartphone

BlackBerry Passport Smartphone

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