Bike Design with an iPod Dock

Here comes something cool for all bike riders. Check out this bike design for Polygon which is a combination of standard bike and music player. Today, everyone prefers music while driving, at the gym, at work, on the street or even in library. Music has become the lifestyle of today’s generation and therefore, this bike is designed with the rhythm of today’s lifestyle. There is a music player attached with the adjustable steering and it can turn the energy of the bike into power and automatically store it in the battery which can be later used for light at night and brake light. Style and amazing look is something that this bike surely offers.

polygon bike concept

polygon bike concept

polygon bike concept

polygon bike concept

Designer : Reindy Allendra

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13 thoughts on “Bike Design with an iPod Dock

  1. Looks cool but is completely dangerous and irresponsible. I commute everyday by bike and the folks who commute/ ride with headphones in are most unaware of their surrounds and cause problems for other cyclist, cars and pedestrians.

  2. Hello "bikesters",

    This is a beautifully designed bike. Thanks for your ideas.

    Iam giving a speech about technology at South Florida Community College and this invention caught my eye.

    You will be mentioned.


  3. this invention of the future is remarkable

    i hope this goes into production soon…

    this will be big i have a good feeling about this

    technology is growing so fast and we hardely keep up

    i have a couple inventions in mind as well

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