BI Handheld Shopper Gadget Is A Must Have Device for Shopaholics

The BI Handheld Shopper Gadget is a concept electronic device that is designed to help shoppers with various required information when someone gets confused where to go or how to go in a new place. This electronic personal shopper’s guide is fabricated with interchangeable back cover, gloss black facade and steel detailing to offer complete GPS guide on shopping areas anywhere in a stylish manner. Users can download these guides by using 3G and Wi-Fi technologies at home or outdoor. Moreover, it features interactive GPS maps, web pages of various stores, live travel information and a function for product search and comparison.

bi handheld personal shopper gadget

bi handheld personal shopper gadget

bi handheld personal shopper gadget

bi handheld personal shopper gadget

Designer : Simon Enever

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5 thoughts on “BI Handheld Shopper Gadget Is A Must Have Device for Shopaholics

  1. ishit sucks. anyone who uses apple products is A) a complete idiot, B) will go to hell, because God hates them for being stupid. ROFL!

    so apple loves go and die in the corner! XD

    • The advent of progressive technology is there in place for those that would utilise it in a manner that would serve the end user. I still advocate very much human input upon problem solving in such said situations where it is needed, not everone can analyse proper situations as well as able minded individuals, therefore technology serves as a liason between the confused and the solution. People fight change, If you oppose what's being offered you can still use your human interface of common sense. No one is enforcing anything upon those that does'nt need help. Merely this genius exists for those that would wish to take advantage of it. In laymen's terms if you know the way, you need not a gps or map or to stop and ask for directions.

  2. To whoever moderates this site, I suggest you moderate the comments better to prevent people like Ki for commenting. Oh, and just for the record, I have used several Apple products and I am not an A) complete idiot, B) going to hell, or D) god hates me.

    But, now that you mention it, it is a little funny how defensive you get over Steve's comment. All he did was point out something simple.

    With that being said, this device shows promise. I'd hope to see more of it in the future.

  3. @ Ki: You are one of the extreme low-life Apple-does-crappy-crap retards that many hate because they are so annoying. All Steve said was that iPhone already has all this and more. And yes Dave is right, it really is funny how defensive you get over it. You only say it because you know that whoever's bum boy you are, be-it Microsoft or any other company, that Apple products will make better products than theirs. I think they let comments like yours through because they want to see you get totally ripped to shreds for your absolute and total idiocy.

    On to the design. I find it very interesting but Stephen is correct in saying that the iPhone does all this already and it would be pointless buying this as an addition as it would just be wasted money. For those who don't like Apple though you can stick to your Zunes, Garmins, Mobiles, PSP/DSs and buy one of these but I'd like to see you carrying all that through the city centre while buying stuff.

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