Bi Computing With Back to Back Monitors By Pauley Interactive

Bi Computing is a conceptual back to back monitor as your next generation computer display. It is designed as a solution for best practice business policy. Dual LCD displays in one monitor can also mean cost effective, reduction in energy consumption, and less electronic waste. Bi Computing with back to back monitors provides the perfect platform for gamers, internet surfers, business applications or watching TV and movies all at the same time, in the same place.

Designer : Pauley Interactive

Bi Computing Dual Monitor

Bi Computing Dual Monitor

Bi Computing Dual Monitor

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5 thoughts on “Bi Computing With Back to Back Monitors By Pauley Interactive

  1. Someone needs to go back to design school. That computer desk is non functional – the top is so thick that you will not be able to get your legs under the table. You can see that the arms of the chairs will not fit under the top either. The monitors are way too far away from the user. The edges of the table is too sharp for comfort and there is no ergonomic adjustment for the keyboard. On top of all that – bad rendering.

  2. It's not about the desk trimtab21! It's the monitor that all the focus is on. Who cares what the table looks like as all the designer actually wants it there for is to simulate a table, not actually be one. You recognized it as a table so as far as I am concerned it's done it's job.

    I think this is a great concept, myself, and I would love to see it put into action one day. The giant screen is a little too much for a home but I could see it at information points in a shopping mall and other large buildings such as storage buildings.

  3. I would also like to see how eco-friendly this device would be as it would only have to run off of one power cable therefore drawing less power from the mains…surely. It wouldn't really be used in a home and is more likely in an office or public place as many poeple don't need 2 TVs in the same room and if the two people are watching the same program the sounds would annoy each other. That is unless directional speaker technology is used so that only the person watching the program would hear it. That way you could have one person watching a drama on TV and one person playing their games console on the other.

  4. Usually people will want to adjust the angles of their monitors to their comfort. How do you do that with this kind of bi-computing device?

    Also, will there be options for people on each side to use their own speakers/headphones? I imagine the sound would mish-mash uncomfortably when two people watch TV together that way.

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