Bellingen Cordless Lamp Accentuates The Beauty of Australian Timber

Bellingen Cordless Lamp is a concept lamp for NEOZ, a cordless lamp manufacturer, that celebrates the beauty of wood, its sensual form, particularly Australian timber. The shape of Bellingen accentuates delicate wood grain by enveloping the control unit. Crafted from Camphor Laurel tree in Dorrigo, a small town located on the Northern Tablelands in New South Wales Australia, this town is part of Bellingen Shire, a home to NEOZ’s birth place, hence the name of the lamp.

Belligen Cordless Lamp by Gabriel Tam and Peter Ellis

Designed by Peter Ellis and Gabriel Tam, the sustainably sourced hardwood is handcrafted by local craftsmen Jack Buchanan, he’s very passionate about restoring balance to the local ecosystem trough sustainable practices. The wood itself is known for its rich multi-colored woodgrain, its wood is naturally anti-bacterial due to its natural oils embedded within the timber, thus, reducing microbial growth. This characteristic of the wood is then finished with a clear, natural hard wax oil protection. It’s a beautiful object for any personal space.

Equipped with NEOZ’s cordless lamp control unit, Belligen Lamp can be combined with a hand-made cotton lampshade or a hand-blown glass lampshade to create a soft diffused light to its surroundings.

Belligen Cordless Lamp by Gabriel Tam and Peter Ellis

Belligen Cordless Lamp by Gabriel Tam and Peter Ellis

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