Beautiful Ginkgo Accordion Sculptural Lamp: Elegant Yet Playful

Elegant and interactive, Ginkgo Accordion Sculptural Lamp presents work of art that gently adds glow into your space. It’s a beautiful head-turning lamp that would start a nice conversation how this lantern illuminates your space elegantly. You can activate the lighting element simply by expanding its accordion-like bellows, you can also toggle between two light modes (warm radiance or cool white glow) by closing and reopening. [Buy It Here]

Ginkgo Accordion Sculptural Lamp

You can display it as a round lantern, hexagon lantern, or vertical lantern thanks to included magnetic lanyard hanging accessory. Its unique form offers playfulness, connect both sides to make it look like a ring, it is made possible due to magnetic ends. Watch as this light illuminates beautiful patterns of gray and pink ginkgo leaves which printed on its waterproof, tearproof Tyvek paper. [Buy It Here]

Ginkgo Accordion Sculptural Lamp

Ginkgo Accordion Sculptural Lamp

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